Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cubism on Surveillance

Many of our ideas as Neo- Cubists invlove interpretation of the world through surveillance equipment and technology. It has come to our attention that people don't like this. They have said that we are infringing on their natural rights and freedoms all for the sake of art. So we ask you for your opinions. Are your rights so important that you would regect "art" that is attempting to understand the very universe and the very Time that we exist in? Is vanity more important than comprehension? Or would you rather go about your "free" lives and never understand?

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Rachel said...

I personally think that using surveillance is an incredibly interesting way to see people. Truly objective observation is almost impossible, but if we could achieve that, we could see ourselves in a whole new way.

Of course, it would be intrusive to install a hidden camera that aims directly at a public bathroom stall. I think that your surveillance would be completely acceptable if you took Andy Warhol's attitude (I refer to his films "Sleep" and "Empire" where he set a camera on a tripod and let it roll for hours while it filmed his friend's sleep and the Empire State Building.), you could really make some discoveries.

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